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"Takin out dj's like a lion at feedin' time!"
-Dj Flare
"Your Already a Master" -Dj Qbert
"The HZA's album is a masterclass in progressive Skratching. Be sure not to miss his live show - there's a whole different sound to it"  


- The SkratchMag -



"Your Signature style, The Iron Hyp Style, Is Taking the Nation by Storm"!— 


— © 2014 So Be It Magazine, So Be It Magazine Issue #15

Legendary Super Producer/Turntablist Skratch Innovator Dj Hypnotize (AKA "The HZA") is one of the best DJ's, Turntablists and Producers on the scene Since 1998. constantly Honing his skills and growing as an artist. When it comes to rockin crowds or the cleanest and hardest beats and kutz Dj Hypnotize a.k.a. The HZA KNOWS WHAT TIME IT IS!  With appearances at clubs across the US and around the globe, Hypnotize knows how to bring the beats that pack the dance floor. Continuing the development of his own signature innovative styles be on the lookout new productions from Dj Hypnotize aka The HZA, his new album "IronHypStyle" available now at , iTunes and all major retailers and his new break records and dj tools and more!


-What is the IronHypstyle?? -To define and categorize the Hypstyles or ironhypstyle, the HZA stated in 2014: ?The use of old school forms and styles for symbolic as well as functional purposes, which was a continuous and often dominant tendency in Western skratch music after 2000, has been called the Classic Revival, "Hypstyles" "NeoSkratchism"both coined in the late 1990's  are new school styles and techniques infused and applied together for an even deeper expression of the skratch" The HZA/Hypnotize 



D-Styles|Souljaboy|BasedGod|BigKeezy|ODBjr etc.


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