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Origin:  Puerto Rico,  Italy, Houston, Tx


Genres:  Hip Hop, Skratch Rap, Trap, Instrumental, Hardcore, EDM, DnB,


Years Active:  1997- Present


Label:  Kutmaster Records



Dj Hypnotize has been on the scene almost 20 years influencing and changing the game with his styles for the benefit of turntablism and hip hop culture worldwide, refining his signature sound and honing his skills.  Embodying a natural progression to his musical expertise, HZA/Hypnotize held a young vision of pursuing his musical dreams, where similar times also drew him into the world of production. It was no time before the love between them was born and HZA'S large-but-intricate beats and turntables found their voice at his hands.  Hypnotize's organic grasp of the music he makes gives him an advantage beyond his years, with his vast spectrum of sounds providing a track record. Delivering polished, and unique styles upon his productions and skratches and mixes with signature beats, swing rhythms, drum patterns and cuts, simply put, Dj Hypnotize aka The HZA's sound will blow your mind!  -DjFlare



Affiliations: Wu Tang ThudRumble SODMG etc. 


IronHypStyle OUT NOW.

available on iTunes &

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