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Intel Breaqs

🛸🌀💎👾⚔️🧪 Check out my new collab w my bro @djqbert dropped some beats on his new record out now #intelbreaqs part of the skratxh disclosure series. I am super honored to be on his record and a Dirtstyle #producer

Leave a comment and go download it now at and be on the lookout for the new @skratchsociety 7" record soon...! 👽-H ☄️

Posted @withregram • @djqbert Yes! 💥 We’ve reached the 17th Drop for this Dirt Style special Disclosure Series! 🚀Cure your itch for more beats from the gutter, and sound like a champion Dj! 💣 Download this free digital wax with 6 tracks and all the other unreleased Dirt Style Records on! 🎁 Also we welcome yet another Dirty beat producer 👉🏽 @djhypnotize from @skratchsociety with 2 nasty beats from his upcoming vinyl release! Get all these grimy turntable toys now on! 👾 5.24.23


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