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I just realized I have been so busy I have not updated the website since last year! So sorry about that!!

I will be more diligent in sharing my journey, I love my fans. So check out some recent updates! Check out some updates below of the Scratchverse!! Access Soon and my new beats I have been producing w Dj Qbert as a dirt style producer! Check out also Big Foot Breaks on

2. Skratch Vlog Season 23! check out my latest playlist Turntable Tacts with new and crazy skratching!

3. Check out my beats and my new looper Primal Beats vol 2 ! Available at and tablebeatsapp IOS ! Click below for the weblooper!

4. Cyber Skratch !!!

5. Check out my latest sand sculpture! I call it Cuts X Castles 2024. Enjoy.

Check back soon for more. and subscribe to my Instagram and youtube channels for more updates. @djhypnotize


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